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Land & Sea Resource Guides

We have scoured the state, region, and country for all of the support we could find for your industry, and put it all in one place for you to find.  See our industry Resource Guides below, which are updated several times a year.

Agriculture Resource Guide

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Aquaculture Rescource Guide

Stronger Together – Virtual mental health training

Mental Health Data

First Data on Mental Health and Wellness in the Farming, Fisheries, and Forestry Communities in the Ocean State.

From March to December 2022, Land & Sea Together conducted a multi-faceted Needs Assessment to determine top stressors impacting these critical industries.

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Resource Spotlight:

Our partners at Cultivemos have produced several incredible 30-minute podcasts, discussing topics ranging from Climate Anxiety, to Farm Succession, to Farm Finances. Check them out:

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We will have additional trainings and programming launching during the off season. In the meantime, stay connected with events and workshops offered by our partners and community members.

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